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When do you expect to move to J2SE 5.0?

Already have
22% (140 votes)
0-3 months
22% (134 votes)
3-6 months
17% (103 votes)
6-12 months
14% (88 votes)
12-24 months
9% (54 votes)
4% (25 votes)
No current plans
13% (79 votes)
Total votes: 623


1.5.1 or 1.5.2

We switched to 1.4 when it the beta was released and ended up releasing the first version of our project on 1.4.0. I have learnt a lot from that experience, primarily that there's a very good reason no production system run on any x.0; think about whats considered stable today: 1.1.8, 1.2.2, 1.3.1 and now 1.4.2. The problems we suffered were frequent Hotspot crashes, introspector issues, new focus issues, JavaSound crashes, AWT crashes, etc. I have had a cursory glance at 1.5.0RC and so far I'm impressed, but I have noticed a few Swing quirks already. If you want to make sure your product works with 1.5 then start playing with it now, but for production release I'd hold off until 1.5.1 (6- 8 months?)

Want to write for 1.5 but run under 1.4

I am hanging out for the new language features introduced for 1.5, but our customers are running 1.4. Not all of our customers will be able to upgrade to 1.5 within the next few months. OSX is one of our target platforms, but given Apple's poor track record with Java, I realistically can not see how we could expect our customers to have a robust 1.5 platform until second half of 2005. I suppose one way of addressing this problem could be to support a subset of 1.5 features under a 1.4 target. The enhanced for loop and generics seem like good candidates. This would allow developers to reap some benefits of 1.5, while still offering compatibility with the JVMs deployed at customer sites.

Can't risk it

I can't risk moving to 1.5 half way thru my dev cycle. Especially since it'll have an impact over the code being developed. Better to wait till it is tried and true.. at least until 1.5.1 or something.. It's that old rule: don't ever use a release that ends w/ a 0. :)


Depends what 'move to' means. If it means install, then probably very soon. If it means targeting code, then much longer. Also, it would be useful to break this question up into two camps: hobbyist and professionals. Those who code as a hobby (for example, on Open Source projects) are far more masters of their own destiny, and are likely to move to a new release very very soon. Those writing 'professional' (for want of a better term) code can only move as fast as their userbase. Some of us fall into both camps, naturally. Personally for my Open Source stuff I can see me moving to Tiger pretty soon. For my 'day job' work I can see a 12 to 18 month delay, simply for political reasons (some users won't bother upgrading their Java installation, and I don't have the luxury of being rude to them! :-)

maybe, maybe not

We're currently happy with 1.4 and have a large project riding on it. We may switch once the current release is done and we have some time to retrofit our codebase and do extensive regression testing on our code and 3rd party APIs and tools we rely on, but will it be worth the investment?

J2SE 5.0 Final

I'll switch within 3 months of the standard release of J2SE 5.0. I've heard that should be by the 30th of September, barring any major bug.

Once J2SE 5 hits OS X

Then I'll swicth. And hopefully, 5.0 will be availble in Panther as well as Tiger.