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I prefer to develop Java applications on

38% (188 votes)
37% (184 votes)
Mac OS X
21% (102 votes)
3% (17 votes)
1% (5 votes)
Total votes: 496


OSX would be great if....

Sun would stop making OS specific installers for JAVA technologies. Since they never make them for OSes like OSX one has to jump through hoops in order to make things work. Its Java people - if its cross platform, make non OS specific installers. People have written them.... IN JAVA for goodness sakes.

Windows vs Linux

I've used Netbeans and Eclipse on Linux (6 months) and Windows (1,5 year). Because JVM is much slower on Linux, so these IDE's are much slower too. So, I decide to use Windows because of speed.

Might try Linux

We develop Java under Windows, but would like to try Linux. However, I've read that Swing is slower in X than under Windows. And that SWT (Eclipse) is sluggish in Linux. Otherwise, there is no reason for us to stick with Windows. We already use Firefox, Open Office etc.

Might try Linux

I've used IntelliJ on linux for quite some time now. It's just as fast as it is on Windows. However, I believe that Eclipse has got some performance-issues with running on Linux ... :(

Might try Linux

New Eclipse is faster! just try once

Might try Linux

I did. Several times I tried once. Did not really see much difference!

On sola what?

( ... )

Java on Linux!

Java is platform independent so the question should only be which platform do you prefer to use :)

It's just that people are stuck with windows

Of the 40% or so, who support Java Development on Windows, nearly 90% would use a different OS platform if they were not STUCK with Windows.

It's just that people are stuck with windows

I'm not so much stuck with windows as I'm a Linux noob. As my Linux skills improve I expect to move entirely to Linux, however I can't have the extra headache of learning Linux at the same time I'm dealing with coding. (Although I don't think I'll ever get my wife off of windows)

It's just that people are stuck with windows

Well, moving to OS X is a much smoother transition for a Windows user than switching to Linux. It integrates with Windows more intuitively and it's real Unix (BSD). I think Apple has nailed the user friendly/ windows friendly Unix gig. Too bad it costs so much. I use OS X and love it.

not that i like to,

i would like to make development under Mac OSX or Solaris, but i am forced to use windows..