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How do you build your Java apps

56% (317 votes)
10% (59 votes)
3% (16 votes)
your IDE
25% (142 votes)
3% (15 votes)
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 563


I really like to use Ant. It's great

It is a wonderful article,i like it,thank you very much!

To Ant, or Not To Ant...

I find the survey interesting. I answered that I use an IDE, but the IDE uses Ant. This presents an interesting dilemna.

maven plugin for multiple targets builds

I got recently into using maven and I already started to like it. it is fun and it helps me a lot as I was doing much of what maven does in ant for each project. In ant I built some targets that help me to make different builds (i.e. for my local development platform, for test, qa, and production). I was looking for a maven plugin that does that but I could not find so I started to build my own which is based on my previous work with ant. Does any one of you use multiple builds and if so what do you use for this? If you would have a maven plugin for multiple builds (aka profiles or targets) what would you like it to do? Maybe I can improve on mine. thanks

maven plugin for multiple targets builds

excuse my english, I meant: maybe I can improve mine (or my plugin).

Batch/shell scripts

Does no one use batch/shell scripts to build production software any more? It's not as if they're a great deal different from Ant build files, only with a readable syntax.

Batch/shell scripts (and Maven vs. Ant?)

I do!! I use Windows BAT believe it or not! But we're a small time shop w/ 2-3 devs that develop on Windows. Just didn't have the time to look into writing a script in ANT (not a high priority). Soon we should be doing more and more development on Linux (since we already use it primarily as our deployment platform), then we'll have to invest in redoing our scripts into something more platform independent. I'm thinking that Maven is the way to go (since it supports modularization by default), but I don't have any experience with it. What are the disadvantages of using Maven over Ant?

Batch/shell scripts

Actually, they are a great deal different than Ant scripts. Java is platform independent, your build process should be too. Moreover, Ant provided plenty of premade tasks that you would otherwise have to make yourself in batch/shell scripts. The only thing I use a batch script for is to launch ant with the click of an Icon.

Batch/shell scripts

Because Java is platform independent (or at least provides a platform on platform), it hardly matters if the build process is not. Obviously there can be platform dependent stages, but Ant doesn't help you there anyway.

Batch/shell scripts

Sure it does. For various JNI builds we grab the platform and invoke gcc with platform specific plags and make other platform specific calls. As such we can do ant macosx or ant win32 and one ant script solves all of our problems.

Batch/shell scripts

On the contrary. If you have developers working on multiple platforms, or if your build environment is different to your development environment , or if you have platform dependant stages - these are all reasons to keep the build process independant of platform. And platform dependant stages are fairly easy in ANT. Even the limited branching capabilities available natively are easily used to run different tasks depending on platform (which can then run shell/command scripts, etc).