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Which device would you most like to be Java-enabled?

13% (34 votes)
MP3 Player
55% (149 votes)
17% (45 votes)
Kitchen appliance
16% (43 votes)
Total votes: 271


Video Games

Hi, I voter for Video Game Console, If people made high-end 3d games in java it could destroy the myth java is slow.

Automoobile suggestions?

Looks like the Java-Mobile would be quite popular!

Don't you think we should wait for people (present company excluded) to learn how to talk on the phone and drive at the same time before we provide additional distractions?

I wonder what people who voted for Autos had in mind for what they'd like to see? Any suggestions?

Here's some random thoughts for fun:

  1. Can you imaging your reaction when patch notifications showed up on your dashboard while you were driving?

    "Safety patch #305 - This patch fixes a known bug that causes some cars to explode when driving south for more than 10 miles"

  2. Think of the fun APIs:

    public badDriver(int dumbMoves) throws DriverOutTheWindowException {

    while(dumbMoves < 1) {....}


Ok, time to get some real work done. ;)

Automoobile suggestions?

I agree, the implications are funny. But the poll was ballot-stuffed (multiple votes allowed) so there's no possible way to derive meaningful information from the poll. It's not a survey though, so everybody should already know that.

Java-enabled PLCs

PLCs (Programmable Controller) should be Java-enabled.

How about on Pocket PC PDAs?

Yes game consoles and wrist watches have a real geek factor, but my main problem is that I cannot download and install a standard Personal Profile implementation to run on PocketPC devices such as the iPaq. People want this platform right now, but Sun, which provides a supported version or at least a reference implementation for every other flavour of Java/J2EE/J2ME won't do it. They apparently have a version codenamed Captain America but won't release it. Through my contacts with Sun I have heard that J. Schwartz has emphatically said they won't do it. Why? So guess what? Java is NOT everywhere, despite what the flashy video from Java One says. Here is a major platform that is recieving no support from Sun. I have clients that would love to go with a Java based solution but cannot because there is nothing to run on their PDA's. We have been forced to code the PDA client in .Net, and I find that disgusting. BTW, Yes we can use IBM's J9, but it's still a Technology Release and is an INCREDIBLE pain in the ass to install on the device. And NO we cannot just recomend our client's use a Zaurus - Sharp does not, for some reason, sell them in Canada. So instead of looking for Java on stuff that's neat and cool like watches, why not get Sun to support the platforms they already should.

Whomever voted for Automobile...

...I hope you don't get a NullPointerException while driving down the road. Not quite the same as a blue screen of death, but bodily harm is a possibility. ;-) A Java-enabled XBox or PS would be awesome because there's so much you could do with it. Plus, there would finally be a really good reason to write games (or the majority of the programming for a game) in Java, which needs to happen because it's so much quicker/easier to get done than in C/C++. More games == more fun! Maybe it would help Duke Nukem Forever finally get released.