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How do you compile your code?

60% (531 votes)
6% (52 votes)
whatever my IDE uses
31% (273 votes)
3% (31 votes)
Total votes: 887


"Other" compilers

So what are they? gcj? I was rather surprised to see jikes-usage so low.

apache maven

we do all of our builds of recent applications via apache maven, going back a little over a year; ant prior to that, for several years.

Missing option

The poll misses the obvious opiton of "Whatever Ant's javac task uses".

poll on compilers

Compiler? Real Java programmers write directly in bytecode. I go one step further and program in hex.

poll on compilers

So... rockhopper dude... are you still debugging that Hello World class from 2001?? ;-) (All those that have spent time digging around in Bytecode and learning to read it, put their hands up...) *puts hand up* *looks around*