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Australian Secure Messaging Implementation for Healthcare

Posted by super_glassfish on August 25, 2009 at 1:13 AM PDT
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GlassFish ESB-based Implementation of Australian NeHTA Secure Messaging Standards


PublishedAustralian Secure Messaging Implementation for Healthcare

In Australia, the national eHealth Transitional Authority (NeHTA:, published a series of standards profiles and recommendations, aimed at fostering implementation of standards-compliant, interoperable, secure messaging infrastructure: Such an infrastructure will allow Australian healthcare enterprises to exchange clinical messages electronically.

The goal of the Australian Secure Messaging Implementation for Healthcare, this project, is to form a community which will develop the essential components of the infrastructure, defined by the NeHTA standards and specifications, develop these components and make these components available to all interested parties to evaluate, use, and build upon.

The project will use the software, developed in the OpenESB project (, together with other open source software that may be required, in development of the required artifacts.
The artifacts produced by this project are intended to be covered by the Common Development and Distribution License, Version 1.0 ( Please note that the license only covers works developed by this project. Projects, whose software is used to develop these works, are covered by separate licenses.


Common Development and Distribution License