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Common Array Manager

Posted by hallo on June 20, 2008 at 4:38 PM PDT
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Common Array Manager (CAM) is disk storage device management software that currently ties together Sun's midrange family of disk storage systems (the Sun StorageTek Modular Arrays) in an administrator friendly way. The software includes a web application, currently runnable from the Sun Java Web Console, allowing the user to manage their systems from any browser and a command line client which provides a facility for automating and scripting management operations and tasks. More information about the product and its features can be found on the product page here -- The main development focus of this project will be to continue to refine and enhance the core application framework, application user interfaces and device SDK. Also, members of the project would be asked to consider writing and contributing new plug-ins for CAM . The goal would be to allow CAM to evolve into a brand neutral disk management application. One idea for a plug-in we have discussed is an SMI-S client-based plug-in that would provide the foundation for allowing CAM to manage any device that has an SMI-S provider. Common Array Manager is written in java, uses XML to specify almost all of its configuration and as its on disk data store format for managed objects, and is extensible through its plug-in architecture. It provides the basis for configuration and fault management software for any hardware device.