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GlassFish Core Project

Posted by super_glassfish on March 16, 2006 at 2:28 PM PST
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GlassFish Core Project


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Can't find CSS file: I am

Can't find CSS file: I am running NetBeans 6.9M1, Maven 2.2. I used h:outputStylesheet to put a css file in the head. After cleaning and building in Netbeans, I go to the Glassfish admin console and undeploy/deploy my newly created war file and launch it. It appears to be using an older version of my css.file. When I did a view page source , it showed a MyProj\javax.faces.resource\styles.css.jsf ln=css. When I double click on it is shows me the older version of the css file. If I look at the war file in my target directory, or the war file in the Glassfish domain1 deployment directory, it shows the newer css file. Can someone tell me where it is getting the older version of the css file. I can not find it anywhere.