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JDK 7: What to expect and when

Today, Mark posts a major
update to the plan for JDK 7
reiterating the
feature list first announced
in December, and providing a milestone by milestone
plan for when to expect each of the new features to make it into the builds for
you to try out.

We're currently at milestone M2, which includes the new G1
garbage collector (with some new
bug fixes) and JSR
203 aka New IO APIs 2.

There should be a nice package to play wth in M3 in time for JavaOne,
which will add JSR
292, with the Java
language changes in Project Coin and Swing
App Framework coming by fall this year.

There are some features in the feature list
that have not yet been scheduled into the plan (like the modularity work in
Project Jigsaw) but stay tuned, because they will get pegged to a milestone