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Java ME news from CTIA

The wireless industry likes to get
most of its big conferences over with before summer starts. Following MWC in February (when JavaFX
Mobile was released), its CTIA
Wireless this week. No JavaFX announcements (you'll need to wait for JavaOne for those),
but some interesting updates for Java ME developers.

Mostly focussed around applications: but there are a couple of notable
Java handsets. Kyocera's
new handsets are described as 'innovatively timed for today's challenging
economy' aka cheap (or worse, affordable). Maybe they
will save the economy, or maybe they are just after the next
billion mobile consumers. Samsung showed off the follow up
to its blockbuster Instinct
phone, and its sparkly
Impression phone, whose
screen has now passed
the radiation test.

AT&T kicked off its apps
beta store, kind of a pre-season sale warehouse for what's going to
hit its real app store later. Or what's
not, if developers don't like it. And Sprint opened up
its phones for developers, sort of.

Yahoo previewed
its mobile makeovers for Java phones, and there was a dizzying
of announcements
of other Java
that didn't stay in