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JDK 7 watch: Milestone 3

Even as The Planetarium was
hearing all
about its new landlord, it was good to see JDK 7 showing steady
progress towards its milestones.
The next one, M3, is
going to be the JDK7 Preview release for JavaOne. With the inclusion
of SDP,
and early
sightings of SCTP,
and ongoing work forward-porting
SE 6u10 features into the JDK7 codebase, the next big thing to look
out for this milestone will be the integration of JSR

In related news, there's a new combined
JDK/JavaFX SDK download bundle for those of you who like it all in
one. You might want to keep tabs on this blog, which is
fairly consistently blogging code showing how to use the new features
going into JDK 7, like how to use Paths
instead of Files with NIO2, and a nice
deployment toolkit 101 for those of you deploying applets of some
flavor. And Dr Dobbs pulse appeared to race
about the seductive qualities of the new concurrency work for jdk7,
with hopes that it will help prolong the success of Java in the
technology jungle.