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Java, JavaFX news round-up

Marking a mask-free return from
Mexico, the Janitor
returns to a pile of acivity in the Java and JavaFX world.

As Remi
noted, invokedynamic,
the bytecode centerpiece of JSR 292 has been
committed to JDK 7, as have method
handles, good job since its on the list for M3,
which is the release for JavaOne.
And speaking of M3 features,
is now in the latest weekly
build. Things are shaping up !

In JavaFX-land, some of the early
developer sketpicism seems to be modulating towards something altogether
more positive, as well as some unprompted
feedback to rival RIA technologies. Of course the latter comparison
is with the Swing of 5+ years ago: today it looks much different.
And the mysterious paranormal
JavaFX goings on continue. Weird.

And perhaps prompted by the release of another
milestone of the PhoneME project (open source Java ME for phones
implementation...), and the all-in-one Java
ME SDK 3.0, the Java ME
SDK team now has a group blog.