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Xuan Yun

Xuan Yun is a Senior Technologist who takes part in many products' architecture in EaSynth. He loves Java Swing and he is a member of the EaSynth Look And Feel development team, and is also the leader of EaSynth Freeware Community. Now he is focusing on the solution to ease the delivery of Java Desktop Application.



In EaSynth
look and feel
, you can see the shadow effect of JPopupMenu:


Customizing the JComboBox style in Synth look and feel is a little complex,
I can write a long article for it, but I don't want to be too tired, so please
let me share my...

The style binding mechanism is another great feature of Synth
look and feel

If you want to deliver your Synth based look and feel, packaging it as a jar
file will be a good idea. There are different structures for different look
and feel packages, here I...

Synth look and feel allow us to implement our own painter classes to render
the components, that is very good since we can draw anything in our painter

As we know, Synth look and feel can be customized with an XML file which satisfies

The JTabbedPane class has not provided an API to set the tab size, but sometimes
we do need this, we can find some ways to work arround.

First of all I create a JTabbedPane...

Several years ago, when we talk about designing look and feel, we know it is about implementing different UI classes for different components.