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Adam Bien

Java Champion Adam Bien ( is a self-employed consultant, lecturer, software architect, developer, and author in the enterprise Java sector in Germany who implements Java technology on a large scale. He is also the author of several books and articles on Java and J2EE technology, and distributed Java programming. His books include Real World Java EE Patterns -
Rethinking Best Practices, J2EE Patterns, J2EE, Java EE 5 Architectures, Enterprise Architectures, Enterprise Java Frameworks, SOA Expert Knowledge and Struts.

He is BEA Technical Director, also Netbeans Dream Team and Expert Group member of the Java Community Process (EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Java EE 6) and involved in embedded Java, Grid and P2P technology. He currently works as an architect and developer in several J2EE/Java EE/MDA (Model Driven Architecture), and EAI component architecture projects for Java EE and .NET.

He has been working with Java SE and Java EE since their inception with JDK 1.0 and Java Web Server.

Adam Bien is committer/owner of the following projects:

His blog is:



Java Champion Adam Bien talks with editor Kevin Farnham about JavaEE and enterprise computing best practices in this Community Corner 2009 podcast, recorded at JavaOne.
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