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Dave Klein

Dave Klein is a homeschooling father of 12 and a software architect / developer. He is currently on a contract with the State of Wisconsin where his group has been building applications using EJB 3 and Java Server Faces. They are now piloting Groovy / Grails and hope to move more new projects in that direction. They are also using web services to connect some Windows clients to our JEE server (WebLogic? 10).
His two oldest sons are learning Java web programming and he hopes soon to have a consulting staff of 12 that will work for room and board

In June 2007 he started the Capital Java User Group, which meets in downtown Madison, Wisconsin (USA) on the second Tuesday of each month.



In this mini-session we will talk about how to find the JUG nearest you. Then, if there is no JUG near you, we'll show you how easy it is to start one and where you can go to find help.