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Eltjo Boersma

Eltjo works as a software architect at Ericsson. Started in 1997 at Ericsson and has been applying java to the telecom service layer from that time on, growing up together with java in this traditionally proprietary technology area. Currently he is a developer for SailFin and is an expert group member of the JCA v1.6 JSR (322). Within Ericsson Eltjo works on and with several JEE related projects. In his spare time, next to his numerous java 'home' projects and reading a lot of fantasy, he tries to play the piano, much to the grieve of his cat.



SailFin adds SIP to the JEE equation, SIP takes a slight different, more elaborate, approach on address and ports than HTTP does.

Approach and concepts

Still for SailFin we...