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Wolfram Rittmeyer

Wolfram Rittmeyer is a Senior Software Developer in a large company developing software for financial services. He has been working with Java since the second half of the nineties and has never seen back. His interests lie mostly in Java Enterprise technologies, free software and web related technologies like Comet and Ajax. Furthermore he likes to listen to gothic music and darkwave or to read a good book and he loves hiking and biking. Wolfram lives and works in Münster, a medium-sized German city, but he might also be seen at conferences in Europe that have to do with free software and/or Java like FOSDEM or JavaPolis.



For my German blog over at I use Roller as the blog engine. Being a lazy person I did not bother to...

As mentioned in a previous blog entry I still had to configure resources in order to migrate my webapps...

This is my first blog entry on - so please be forbearing with me ;-)