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Deepa Sobhana

Deepa Sobhana is a Technical Architect currently associated with UST Global, a service based company in Kerala, India. She has eight years of industry experience in Java / J2EE technologies and in multiple domains including Health Care, Mortgage etc. Her expertise includes design and development of applications ranging from stand-alone to distributed server-side enterprise systems.



After years of simpler maintenance releases, the Servlet API is getting a major overhaul for Java EE 6, improving ease of use, configurability, pluggability, security, and more. In this article, Deepa Sobhana offers a detailed overview of what's changing and why.
Messaging provides a way for different parts of an enterprise system to collaborate, without the tight coupling of approaches like RMI and CORBA. Java EE defines the Java Messaging Service (JMS) for creating loosely coupled enterprise systems, and in this article, Deepa Sobhana shows off how to...