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Mehul Shah

Mehul Shah is a writer, researcher, and software engineer working at the forefront of the IT and business worlds. Mehul has worked in the SOA/EAI industry for more than six years, a field that he is passionate about, and has an extensive experience in SOA, EAI, integration architectures, business process management (BPM), and rule based engines. Mehul's 10 years of experience includes working with business and IT users across the globe mainly from North America, Europe, and South Asia wearing hats of technical lead, solution consultant, and trainer. Mehul has also excelled into Internet, J2EE, XML, and internationalization related technologies, tools, and products.



SOA is really the latest effort in a decades-long quest to achieve software reusability. In this article, Mehul J. argues that the key is not in the IT department, but rather in enabling business analysts to directly reconfigure systems built on SOA.