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Daniel López

Daniel Lopez Janariz has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Sciences. He
currently works at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) as
technical leader of the web development group. He has extensive
experience with Java on the server side and J2EE applications, having
collaborated in most of the web applications used at the UIB. He also
has some experience with Java in other fields, including Java on the
SIMcards as a winner of the first prize of the SIMagine contest in its
2001 edition, and being finalist in its 2002 and 2006 editions. Thanks
to his long experience in web development, he also does some
consulting for the private sector at the Balearic Islands. He is a JavaTools Community Leader and collaborates with various
sites and forums, especially in the Spanish speaking communities.



You've probably heard the benefits of scripting languages in Java SE 6, but have you thought about how to put them to use? In this article, Daniel López shows how to use Groovy for the business logic of a fully MVC web app, swapping around view frameworks to prove its flexibility.