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Neto Marin

Neto Marin is one of the founders of JME Brasil and a Team Leader of Integration and Mobile Solutions at Softway. He has been working with mobile development since 2005 and is now involved in growing the JME community in Brazil, while still working with personal mobile projects.



Hi all,

After JustJava of this year, I've committed in SVN the last version of CoSMo source code.

Hi all!!

These days I had to store and travel some settings of mobile applications. So, to get my life easier decided to use the scheme properties. That is, a key = value. And you may think...

Hi all,

I've received a link sent by Mauricio Leal about the Evolution of Mobile Phones. It´s very intersting and "funny" :D

Take a look:...

Hi all,

This post it´s just to express my excitement with this great API. I´ve just read the tutorial and make little examples, and it´s look easy.
I'm realy thinking about use it...

Hi all,

After a long and tenebrous winter, finally I had time to write again somethings that I think are usefull about mobile development, and, mainly, about Java ME!

Hi all ... I´m back !!! ;-)

Let´s finish this post series with the last (but not less important) element that´s I think is essential on a quality JME application development:...

Hi all !!

Let´s talk today about witch IDE use to JME development and after, about MIDlet (and MIDlet life-cycle) and User Interface.

Part II


Are you one of those that are very interesting on developing something to mobile devices? Or, Are your boss pushing you to show THAT report on his phone ? And so, you decided to visit some sites...

Hi all!

From now on, you´ll find here my little contribution about JME discussion. I´ll post news, articles, codes examples, how-to... well, I´ll try to help you at the JME techonology...