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Slav Boleslawski

Slav Boleslawski graduated from Warsaw Technical University as an electronic engineer. His first job in Australia was at Macquarie University, Department of Psychology, and it involved both electronic design and programming in C++ and Java. One day he was asked to design a low-pass filter for off-line EEG signal processing and after it was ready in over a month, he was told some parameters needed to be changed. This time he wrote a digital filter using C++ in just a couple of days. Since then he devoted himself to software development exclusively, using his favourite language, Java. Currently he designs database systems at an Australian law enforcement agency. His interests include GUI development, database, and network programming. He also enjoys being a Christian and belongs to Hillsong Church, Sydney



A lot of applications use similar GUIs for viewing images, even though the user experience is awful. Slav Boleslawski has some better ideas for a "navigable image viewer," and in this article, he shows how to use Java 2D to achieve them.