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Sangeetha S.

Sangeetha S. works as a technical trchitect at the E-Commerce Research Labs at Infosys Technologies, a Global leader in IT & Business Consulting Services. Sangeetha has over 8 years of experience in software development with expertise in J2EE application design and development. Along with SVS, Sangeetha has co-authored a book on J2EE Architecture.



Java EE 5 achieves a high level of simplification over previous editions of the platform by using annotations for declarative programming. In this article, Sangeetha S. and Subrahmanya S. V. look into this approach and its many uses.
EJB 3.0 makes life easier, but what if you've already got an EJB 2.x app written? How do you make the move? Should you? Sangeetha S and Subrahmanya S V look at the specifics of what changed in EJB versions and introduce strategies for making the move.