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Alexey Popov

Alexey Popov leads a Java engineering team at Sun Microsystems, doing
Compatibility Testing Suites for Java Micro Edition and testing tools since
Embedded Java times.



Here I tried to give my classification of  new features
available in the new major revision of the href="">JT harness,
that we recently...

In classical JUnit you have multiple test methods in a single
that match some pattern, test framework iterates through these methods
using relection. CLDC/MIDP does not...

The very common problem people meet when trying to unit-test
MIDlets is that you generally can not do something like this:

This article is about some changes in the href="">ME Framework
were made in response to the feedback that we got from early...

This article is about interactive testing for Java TM
and its ME
specifics. It describes types of interactive tests that are
developed for Java Technology...

Curious how much Java is a test-driven technology ?

Few words for a background.

The Java TM Compatibility Kit (JCK) is
a test suite, used to
verify if the...

If you speak Russian, check the href="">agenda
and descriptions
of Java...

It is true that the most popular test format supported by
many Java TM IDEs is href="">JUnit and its
variations like...

As a follow up to the past article about Debugging with ME Framework, here is the the guest post from...

What to do when
tests of JavaTM ME implementation test suite
fail ?

This article is addressed to those interested in JavaTest TM
harness and its open source version href="">JT harness.
Its goal is...

This article is oriented to developers of test suites of any kind.
It provides some criteria that can be
used when choosing a test harness for certain types
of test suites. It...

API testing vs AMS testing

The href="">previous
article described the primary test execution...

This blog is based on and is about my and my colleagues'
experience in JavaTM ME testing tools and test
suite development.
It is inspired by SUN open-sourcing...