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Pete Morgan

Pete Morgan works for a small UK software house using Java, Oracle, SQL
server and legacy VB/Access. With 30 years programming experience in a
variety of businesses both large & small in commercial & military
markets. (He was even managing director of a small computer engineering
company for two years)
Pete is very much a J2SE guy (wouldn't know a servlet from a glass
fish!) and is convinced that Java is THE primary key to unlocking the
shackles of "proprietarianism" from the small business sector.



Just recently I've been tinkering with my project particularly in the realm of

“Widget tweaking”. I won't bore you with the details, but...

I've just been musing over the current poll What do you prefer for enterprise Java persistence? and noticed that out of a total of 1425 votes...

Earlier this year, at JavaOne, project Semplice was announced, the aim of which is to allow VB code to be...

There are numerous small open source projects hosted on and whilst this post, in itself, is not Java specific it is as the owner of one of those small projects that I voice my concerns!...