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David Karam

David Karam is usually a programmer. Sometimes he is a designer, musician or teacher. His career began in Austin, Texas where he produced the interactive graphic adventure, To Preserve Quandic, which was distributed by Prickly-Pear software in 1984. After finishing high school in 1987, David moved to San Francisco, where he inadvertently became a desktop publisher. In 1993, he founded Post Tool design with partner Gigi Obrecht and began teaching technology to graphic designers at the California College of Arts and Crafts. In the following 4 years, Post Tool's print and interaction design was published in every major graphic design journal world wide. By 1997, David's focus was diverted from graphic programming to server-side and database. In the last 10 years, his clients have included Nokia, Apple, The Getty, SFMOMA, Swatch Watch and The Body Shop.



Looking for a content management system? David E. Karam has taken a system built over the course of nearly nine years, originally built on Perl and flat files, and brought it to Java with proper database and JSP support. In this article, he introduces you to the currentcms project.