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Ajith Ranabahu

Ajith Ranabahu iis one of the principal
architects of the Axis2 project and specializes in the ADB and
codegen modules and has been working on web-service-based projects for the past three years. His expertise is
majorly in Web services and XML processing technologies



It's tempting to throw down your business logic and expose it as a Web service later, but this "code-first" approach is fraught with peril. Ajith Ranabahu argues for a "contract-first" approach in which you use code generation to create server-side code.
Code Generation is an essential technique for developers working with SOAP, as web services' WSDL documents describe the services in machine-processable ways, which enables automated generation of classes to work with the service. In this article, Ajith Ranabahu looks at how Apache Axis2 provides...