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Ralf Stuckert

Ralf Stuckert is an IT
consultant for compeople AG, a
European IT-Service company located in Frankfurt, Germany. compeople AG
is a specialist in building highly interactive and user-friendly sales
and distribution systems which are based on the Smart Client
architecture. Ralf has more than eight years of experience in developing complex Java
Systems for a number of different customer projects. He has devoted
himself to agile IT development methods, especially to automated
testing and test driven design.



The most popular Java unit testing framework, JUnit, has made massive changes for its new version. By aggressively adopting annotations, JUnit 4 has become more powerful and simpler to use. Ralf Stuckert shows you what's different in the new version.
One impediment to test-first development is object inter-relationships that are hard to recreate outside of their runtime container. EasyMock is one approach to creating "mock objects" to provide the parts of the system that aren't available at test time. Ralf Stuckert shows you how the latest...