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Fabiano Cruz

Fabiano Cruz has been working with the Java platform since 1999. He is currently working as Software Architect at BenQ Mobile, Research and Development department, dealing with embedded (java and native), desktop and enterprise systems development, architecture, design and coach. He founded two important Java User Groups - Manaus JUG (Amazon state) and Petropolis JUG (Rio de Janeiro state) in Brazil - and he is constantly speaking in Java community meetings and conferences in Brazil, such as JustJava (one of the largest tech conferences in Brazil), One Day Java 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005, SERPRO Symposium of Java Technology, JBoss in Rio, Maratona 4 Java, and Java in Rio. He talked about JSR 246 - Device Manage API ("BOF-7831 Device Management for Mobile Applications") at this year's JavaOne.



I think it's quite impressive how software testing has grown in popularity in the past decade. A lot of tools (open-source and commercial) and practices such as continuous testing and integration...