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Mattias Arthursson

Mattias Arthursson is a senior consultant for Jayway, southern Sweden's leading Java consultancy. He started working as a system developer 1996 and has specialized in Java since 2001. He's been programming since the mid '80s and studied Computer Science at Lund University. Lately he has developed a strong interest for agile methodologies in general and XP/TDD in particular. In his spare time, when he is not busy farming sheep, he tries to sqeeze in as much time as possible into open source projects.



If you've worked with LDAP in Java, you're probably familiar with its JDBC-like hassles: lots of plumbing code, tedious iteration over results, pedantic cleanup, and exception handling hassles. The Spring-based LdapTemplate project alleviates many of those hassles. Ulrik Sandberg and Mattias...