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Luan O'Carroll

Luan O'Carroll is a software developer and lead developer on the Aria
project. A Java programmer since the first beta, he has worked
extensively on graphics, user interfaces, development tools and
numerical analysis, contribution to the Batik project and in the now
distant past to the JBoss project. Luan is based in Dublin, Ireland
and received a degree in Engineering from Trinity College.



Java Web Start is a preferred technology for distributing desktop Java applications, but sometimes it makes sense to send users a CD-ROM rather than a URL. In this article, Luan O'Carroll shows you how to distribute JWS apps via CD-ROM, including any necessary JRE installations.
Rich client development doesn't have to mean AWT, Swing, SWT, or even Ajax. Using the XUI framework, you can build your GUI with XML markup, and use convenient data binding to interact with your Java code. In this article, Luan O'Carroll combines XUI with the eBay SDK to show how you build a rich...