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Binildas Christudas

Binildas A. Christudas provides Technical Architecture consultancy
for IT solutions. He has over 13 years of IT experience, mostly in Microsoft
and Sun technologies. Distributed computing and Service Oriented Integration are
his main skills, with extensive hands-on experience in Java and C#.NET
programming. He currently works as a Principal Architect for Infosys
Technologies, where
he heads the J2EE Architects group servicing Communications Service Provider
clients. Binil has worked with several organizations including IBS Software
Services and Tata
Consultancy Services.
Being a graduate in Engineering and a post graduate in Systems Management,
Binil is a Sun Certified Programmer, Developer, Business Component Developer
and Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Certified Professional and Open Group
(TOGAF8) Certified Enterprise Architecture Practitioner. He is also a Licensed
Zapthink Architect (LZA) in SOA. Binil is a technical writer for many journals
and is also the author of the forthcoming book titled Service Oriented Java
Business Integration
a hands-on reference for ESB and ServiceMix. He spends free time with wife
Sowmya & daughter Ann in "God's Own Country" (Kerala). Contact Binil at
biniljava<{at}> or binil_christudas<{at}>



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