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Johannes Brodwall

Johannes Brodwall has been playing around with computers for as long as he
can remember, and was obsessively fascinated by dot matrix printers at the
age of six. He has been working as a programmer and software architect since
1998. Johannes is currently lead Java architect at BBS, the company that
operates Norway's banking infrastructure. At BBS, he helps select Java
technologies and train developers in these technologies. In his spare time,
Johannes likes to learn esoteric languages like Ruby and Modern Standard
Arabic. He lives in Oslo, Norway, with his wife Sarah and bulldog Ada Mae.



Test first means, well, test first. But with web applications, there's a great deal of installation and configuration you have to do before you can even test. Couldn't that be slimmed down a bit, so developers can get testing sooner? Johannes Brodwall shows how to combine some popular pieces to...
Lazy loading--not fetching data until it's needed--is an approach that gets a lot of developers nodding their heads in agreement, even if they don't actually try implementing it themselves. But as Johannes Broadwall reports, it's not hard to do, and conveys some genuine benefits.
Hibernate's use of mapping files to define object-relational mappings means that these files are as much a part of your program as the Java code... and sometimes they don't work. Johannes Brodwall shows how you can apply unit testing techniques to test and verify your Hibernate mappings.