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Bernt Johnsen

Bernt M. Johnsen is technical lead on Apache Derby at Sun's Database Technology Group in Trondheim, Norway. He has 5 years database
experience (database management, JDBC drivers, distributed SQL execution). Prior work includes internet banking, compilers and expert
systems. He has a wife and 3 boys, and likes to climb (indoor, ice, glaciers, rock) and to kayak in his spare time.



Java DB (or Derby, or Cloudscape if you prefer) 10.2 beta is available for download at

Statement: A lot of programmers do not know how to use transactions.
You may now think that I miss the target completely, but think for a while.

Very often they (and myself...

Today at ApacheCon in San
Diego, Sun's Tim Bray said that href="">Apache Derby will be distributed

Apache Derby, the pure Java
SQL database, has released version href="">

In response to my A Read-only database in a jar? one of the commenters remarked that "Derby is alright but...

In Norway, all wines and liquors and beers stronger than 4.75 volume percent are sold at Vinmonopolet a state monopoly (Literally "The Wine Monopoly").


I received some interesting comments on Easy String Concatenation Considered Harmful? and want to comment some...

This is not about the amount of String objects generated when you do
string concatenation in Java.

Since this is my first blog on from a small country, Norway, I'll start with a short comment on Norway & Java.

Norway has a...