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Konstantin I. Boudnik

Konstantin I. Boudnik is a software developer with over twelve years of field experience. He is Ph.D. candidate of Saint-Petersburg University, Russia. He started working at Sun Microsystems in 1994 and was participating in a variety of projects. Among them are Pascal compiler; Unix system administration; distributed systems development; JES installer. Right now he is quality researcher for Hotspot VM and looking for new ways of quality development for Java.



It's me again!

After quite a long time of inactivity in this blog I want to revamp it. However, I'm going to move it to on a new, better platform.

Seems like the process of bring Java under an open source license has
raised the question of Java platform quality even higher. In
particular the question of reliability has been discussed more...

Want to know you current network's location - check this out

   The following is the evaluation of two static analysis solutions
   from Coverity and KlocWork.

    Background of the research

   The purpose of the conducted research was to find a...

Despite the differences between business models, development
processes, functional areas of the application, and the languages,
these applications are written in, the quality...

Hello there.

Looks like the open source market is getting more and more hot nowaday.

Hello there!

Last week happened to be quite busy for many Java developers,
activists, and supporters. JavaOne 2006 conference had a lot of
interesting pods, booths,...

Недавно разглядывал газетку "Известия" - была такая уважаемая в советские времена газета. Почему была? Да п...

Hi there

Again a message mostly for those, who is speaking or at least reading

Our folks from Saint-Petersburg href="

Hello folks

We recently thought about an interesting approach of finding a
difference between APIs (public methods) of two versions of a Java
software. I was doing it for JDK1.5...

Hi there.

In this short article I'll try to summarize what I was discussing for
the last couple of months.

Hi there.

It's rather short message about a potential problem you might face as

Recently, I've been told that few of my blogs are having...

Whoa! Mustang is there! The long awaited, butts kicking Beta release of Java platforms is ready for downloads! And I'd like to join my colleagues and say a couple of words about this milestone. It...

Hmm, I just realized, that it's been a while since my last posting here. So, hi there! And for a difference, this time it isn't about java quality :-)

How are you doing everyone? I hope you're Ok.

Two events are happing meanwhile in Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia:

Hello again.

Since I posted my first article here I've been asked a number of times: "Why there's no open source tools for quality process? Are there any?"


Hi there!

Surprisingly, my last post was rated #1 by Google for 'java quality'
search and lasted in this position for a few days. My friends were
wondering how...

It isn't, perhaps, a secret, that software test development and quality are like a snow ball rolling down a hill: and as it reaches further towards the end of the slope, harder to stop... and...