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Oyvind Bakksjo

Oyvind Bakksjo is a senior software engineer, working for Sun Microsystems' Database Technology Group in Trondheim, Norway.
He's currently occupied with development on the Apache Derby database, where he's a committer. Previously, he has been working on the Clustra high-availability database management system. Oyvind likes working with Java in all "sizes", from ME through SE to EE. He is dedicated to parallel algorithms, multi-threaded programming and writing rock-solid code, never willing to sacrifice readability or maintainability.



I'm convinced; the people who made the CLDC spec gathered early in the process and decided: "We'll make sure nobody is ever going to be able to debug CLDC applications on a real device."...

I found this article on integrating Derby with Tomcat. It shows three integration scenarios:


In a series of blog entries, I intend to discuss various patterns for exception handling in Java.

Don't use enumerated exceptions

Quite often, you will see code using what...