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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is a motivational speaker and he lives in a van down
by the river. He is also founder of the Trails
project and has been developing server-side Java
applications since 1997. At his day job, he works for
FusionAlliance and helps clients successfully
develop enterprise Java applications using agile
development principles. But most importantly, he is
the father of Suniti, Sanjay, Vasant, and Kavita, and
husband of Anjali.



Trails gets you up and running quickly, but what does it take to create a real application, with sophisticated relationships and customized pages and editors? Trails creator Chris Nelson shows you how easy this is.
Ruby on Rails has stoked much envy in Java programmers weary of convoluted web application frameworks. The idea behind the Trails project is to bring Rails' domain-driven development concepts to Java. In this introduction, Chris Nelson shows how easy it is to get started.