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Nigel Warren

Nigel Warren is a co-founder of Net Caboodle and co-author, with Philip Bishop, of the books Java in Practice and JavaSpaces in Practice, both published by Addison Wesley Longman.

Nigel's career spans over 20 years in Telecoms, Media and Technology and is the cofounder of Digital Bridges the Mobile Java Gaming Company. Over his career Nigel has consulted for BT, Hitachi, 02 and the EEC among many others on how to build distributed and wireless based systems.



This series looks at how it is possible to extend the basic principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA) to devices at the edge of the network . This article adds the ability for devices to become involved in atomic transactions. Transactions are vital in ensuring that all of the relevant...
This article describes how to implement SOA on mobile devices and shows how to implement a simple messaging application using mobile SOA design principles. It also points to some of the security implications and how to handle them.