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Lu Jian

Jian Lu is a senior Java architect/developer with four years of Java development experience. He was a software engineer at Lucent Technologies. Currently, he is working for Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, focusing on Java application development.



JMX programmers know that getting an MBeanServerConnection from a JMXConnector comes with a string attached: no support for the registerMBean() method, and thus no way to register a local MBean with the remote server. The JMXRemote project aims to fix that, and Lu Jian shows how it works.
A small fix can be a big headache when you need to re-build, re-test, re-package and re-deploy software. If the change is small enough, distributing it as a minor "patch" makes a lot of sense. As Lu Jian explains, the project PatchExpert makes this straightforward.