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Kelly Thomas O'Hair

Kelly O'Hair is working in multiple areas of the JDK but primarily in improving Build and Quality issues.



Just FYI...

Maintaining two blog sites is a bit problematic, I'll be doing most future Java blogs on


Final Update

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    JDK7 Build 24 has been promoted (no raise, just a promotion :^).
    Remember, Build 24 should not differ from...

Update 7

    Ok ok, call us snails if you want... but things are progressing, really.
    We are currently going through a "dry run" event of having team...

Update 6

    Build 23 has been promoted, so far there is at least one build bug found (see

Update 5

    Well we had a few snafus with Build 22.
    A hotspot bug

If you like jconsole, go to the VisualVM pages at
and try out the new VisualVM tool.

Very cool....

Update 4

    We tried very hard to split out corba, jaxp, and jaxws in Build 21
    but didn't make it, however they just now got integrated

Update 3

    Build 20 now contains a separate "langtools" (javac, javah, javap, apt, and javadoc) directory in the Build 20 source bundles.

    Build 21...

Update 2

    The work to create OpenJDK/JDK7 Mercurial repositories is still
    progressing, we had a hickup getting the langtools
    split off from...

The work to create OpenJDK/JDK7 Mercurial repositories is progressing,
but before I tell you anything significant, I'll bore you
with some basic details...

OpenJDK Builds (Solaris & Linux)

Anyone building the new OpenJDK bundles from
should find...

I need to add this to the JDK build documentation, but it may be
helpful to have it posted here for some people.

Building the JDK on Windows can be difficult at times, so if it...

Just a plug (and additional reference) on my December 2006



Update for 1/23/2007, just a very short note on windows.

    The findbugs target needs to add vmlauncher="false", so the line:


JDK6 Build Cheat Sheet

Just thought I'd list a few ways that the JDK can be built.
These apply to JDK6 and JDK7, JDK5 building is a little different...

After a long debate it's finally happened, I've open sourced my dog.
It just seemed like the right time, and all these concerns about
people sticking forks...

Just thought I'd touch on a subject that some people forget about
when having to build products that will run on many different

As seen in Mark's recent blog on the JDK and
Source Code Management (SCM) solutions at


The latest JDK 6 build machine setup and build instructions are now available at:

Started this right after JavaOne, then got distracted... hopefully someone gets something useful out of it.
Go to


<br /> The Bloody Bat and Fixing Regressions<br />


I just saw the page

It has some good detail on...

I've added a few clarifying comments in italics below.

Using the JavaTM Native Interface (JNI) is not something many Java programmers have to deal...

I spent quite a bit of time working on

in the
JDK 5 (...

In my blog at blogs.sun I talked about

building the JDK 6.0

but I must confess, most of the effort...

Alan recently blogged about

heap dumps are back

and Sundar blogged about

When I was given the assignment of converting the old JDK 1.4.2 HPROF agent library from the experimental JVMPI to the new "JVM TI" in JDK 5.0, it was with the understanding that this new HPROF...