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Krishna Srinivasan

Krishna is a software engineer working in Chennai, India. He has two years of experience on Java / J2EE technologies. He is moderating a website ( for Java Certifications. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP), Sun Certified Web Component Developer(SCWCD) and Sun Certified Business Component Developer(SCBCD). He blogs at .



JSP's expression language is great until you try to also use it with JSF. The limitations and differences between the two technologies has given rise to a "unified" expression language. In this article, Krishna Srinivasan takes a look at how the unified EL works.
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 breaks with many traditions, freeing developers from deployment descriptors, boilerplate methods, and other hassles, in favor of annotation-powered declarative programming. In this article, Krishna Srinivasan looks at 3.0's major differences.
J2SE 5.0's autoboxing feature liberates you from the hassle of bundling your primitives into wrapper objects in various situations (like putting them in collections), but autoboxing doesn't always behave as you might expect. Krishna Srinivasan has details on how this milestone feature really works.