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Olexiy Prohorenko

Olexiy Prokhorenko is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, also holding Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer certifications. His areas of interests include Web software architecture, development of software with frequently changing requirements, and management of distributed outsourcing teams.



You have some plain ol' Java objects and you want to sort them. By what field? Well, by which ever one the user wants. But that implies different kinds of search logic, and how will you keep it straight? Olexiy Prohorenko shows how the Strategy design pattern is perfectly suited to solve this...
Using Hibernate with container-managed transactions is so simple that Hibernate's FAQ practically brushes off the question. Yet many report having a hard time getting it working. In this article, Olexiy Prohorenko shows how.
Test-driven development is an important technique, but Enterprise JavaBeans can be difficult to test in isolation. Cactus, from Apache's Jakarta project, makes this easy by bridging JUnit unit tests to server-side application containers. Olexiy Prohorenko shows how it works.