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Peter Kessler

Peter Kessler has been implementing languages and their runtime systems since the late 1970's, when he was an author of the Berkeley Pascal
compiler (and several other Berkeley Unix bits). He then moved to Xerox PARC where he worked on the Cedar language, operating
system, and development environment. Peter has been at Sun since 1990, working on experimental operating systems, distributed
programming, and the Java(TM) platform. He is currently the technical lead for the garbage collector in the HotSpot(TM)
Java virtual machine. He is not an academic garbage collector:
he just likes high-performance multi-threaded systems that have
to work perfectly.



TechDays in Chennai was fun. I can't get over the energy of the attendees, and the city around the conference. Not to mention the energy of the Sun Technical Outreach folks that put these events...

I'm off to India for the Sun Tech Day in Chennai, February 7th and 8th. Two days of bringing people up to speed on all the cool technology...