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Elisabeth Freeman

Elisabeth Freeman is an author, teacher and Java software developer. She has just completed Head First Design Patterns for O'Reilly, with Eric Freeman, Kathy Sierra, and Bert Bates. Prior to writing for O'Reilly, Elisabeth spent 4 years with the Walt Disney Internet Group, where she focused on Research and Development and Digital Rights Management.



All of the factory patterns "encapsulate" the instantiation of concrete classes and help to minimize (as well as localize) the dependencies your code has on those concrete classes. This articles explains what "breaking the last dependency" means, how it relates to the Factory pattern, and why you...
A survey of some of the Gang of Four design patterns: Composite, Singleton, Factory, Adapter, Decorator, Facade, and MVC.


Time flies... Can you believe it's been ten years since Design Patterns was written and published by the Gang of Four?