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Ganesh Prasad

Ganesh Prasad is an architect with Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, Australia. He has many years of experience with J2EE in large banking applications. Many of the core ideas in this model came, however, when he was studying for the Sun Certified Business Component Developer exam, when he had the opportunity to study the current EJB component model in great detail, warts and all. Ganesh is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Sun Certified Web Component Developer, but will not endorse the EJB 2.x design now by taking the Business Component Developer exam till the component model is sorted out! He, however, recommends the excellent book “Head First EJB” by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates to anyone wishing to understand how EJBs work today.



The proposed EJB 3.0 specification defines a new syntax to simplify development, but Rajat Taneja and Ganesh Prasad say it fails to address fundamental flaws in the model. Instead, they propose what they call "a better way."