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Graham Hamilton



Here are the slides Bill Shannon and I used for the JavaOne 2006
Technical Keynote. These...

I'm in my normal ten-days-to-JavaOne panic phase, but the various
pieces are starting to...

When people ask me "what do you think of AOP?", I tend
to flinch, because the term AOP has...

We know we have a lot of power in the Java platform, but sometimes
that power has come at a...

In the Java platform we have tended to focus on adding lots of
power and flexibility. That...

Sun is asking the developer community to help

Sun has announced an agreement with Google to distribute the
Google toolbar along with consumer Java SE downloads from
Here's what is...

Here are the PDF slides for the JavaOne 2005

Technical Keynote
(450 K).

The Technical Keynote is our attempt...

We've made some updates to the Java platform names.
Here's what has happened, and why.

What has changed?

We're modifying the names of all three Java...

Like many others, I'm in final frantic preparations for JavaOne on Monday.

The kind folks at Software Development Times asked me to write
an article on
the future directions for the Java platform. This has now
surfaced in
their May 15th edition...

Apache have proposed a new project "Harmony" to create an open
source J2SE implementation. Here are a few thoughts and comments
from a Sun perspective.


J2SE 5.0 Update 3 went out today, so I wanted
to share a...

The JavaOne call for papers ended last week. We received
over 1700 proposals and we're now deep in talk review.
Here are a few thoughts from inside
the Program Committee on...

I enjoy programming. It's part of my job, but it's
also something I do just for fun. I like seeing code
take shape under my fingers and I like evolving it do

We've just released the complete J2SE compatibility test
sources under a read-only license, so that the community can
see what's really going on with Java compatibility testing....

The question came up recently of "should we make Swing truly
multithreaded?" My personal answer would be "no", and
here's why...

The Failed Dream

J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) is out!

The J2SE 5.0 final bits are now available at


We're starting to think about potential language features
for Dolphin (7.0). So I've been reflecting a little on the
principles that James so brilliantly infused into the original...

In response to my recent blog on the Tiger Release Candidate, I've had
a few people follow-up on specific bugs they'd like fixed. Now, whenever
I see any specific bug description I...

This is a quick update on where we are with Tiger (J2SE 5.0).

We're now in the final haul, heading towards a target
release date of September 30th.

The Release Candidate...

I'm up at JavaOne today. As usual, it's a blast.

We brought a gorgous baby white tiger on stage to
help us kick-off the "Tiger" section of this
morning's general session. He...