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Jeff Kesselman

Jeff Kesselman is a Game Technology Architect focusing on game server technologies
in the Game Technology Group. He came to Sun from 15 years in the games and
multi-media industries. He has manual-credit on Crystal Dynamics' games The Horde
and Titan, and wrote networking code at The Total Entertainment Network for such
games as Duke Nukem3D, Total Annihilation and Dark Sun Online.



In this JavaOne 2007 Community Corner mini-talk, Project Darkstar founder and community leader Jeff Kesselman introduces Bunny Hunters, a demo game written to run on Darkstar.


This week's title sort of sounds like cowboy-bepop episode, doesn't it?

It's tuesday following labor-day and the world seems to be spinning up to work pace again slowly for me. It doesn'...

Hey Guys and Gals!

I'm back after an extended absence and I am going to try to hit once a week blogging again. They may not be as well thought out and structured as the essays I've done in...

City of Heroes Update

Well CoH has launched and I've been playing for a few weeks. Here's my rundown of the game so far.

I have to say I'm very impressed with CoH. Although it has...

Cross Gender Roleplay.

I've been playing pen and paper role play games fairly consistently for almost 30 years and online RPGs on and off since Ultima Online. As someone who plays...

History is made of this...

Another week, another games ramble.

The history of computer games can be viewed a myriad of different ways. For me, the big “historical events...

This week's Blog is gonna be a ramble. I hope at least its a fun one.

Things that go BOOM!

In AT's interesting Blog "You Can Make Real Games In Java!!! Yeah... But So What?" he raises a lot of interesting questions. What I don't entirely agree with though are his answers: