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Pat Niemeyer

Pat Niemeyer ( is the author of the books Learning Java and
Exploring Java, O'Reilly & Associates and the creator of the BeanShell Java
Scripting Language. Pat is an independent consultant in the areas of
networking and distributed applications and is currently working on enterprise
systems in the financial industry. Pat lives in St. Louis, where he
spends much of his time and keeps all of his stuff.



I'm very happy to announce that the JCP has begun voting on a JSR to standardize the BeanShell scripting language through the Java
Community Process.

The goal of this JSR will...

A few days ago the JCP cranked out a public review of JSR-223, which has so far been received with a few blog notes and relatively little discussion. This is not surprising, given that if you you...

One of the things I've always wanted in Java is a "one liner" trick to read all of the text from a stream. For example, I often want to be able to grab the contents of a URL or file as a simple...