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Daniel deOliveira

Daniel de Oliveira is an IT Community Leader in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. He founded and has been the Leader for more than thirteen years of the Brasilia Java Users Group (, one of the top JUG in the world, with more than 52,300 developer members. He is a Java Champion, a book writer and writes articles about Java environment in his column in the MundoJava (Java World) magazine. Working as a Consultant for more then 10 years has been attending client banks, such as Banco de Brasilia, Caixa Economica, Banco do Brasil and Ministry of Planning.

With more than 37 years of experience in the computer market, he is a Java instructor for the blind and deaf people and creator of the Ryben√° Project ( ), a mobile Java community system that allows the deaf to use cellphones using Sign Language. With an MS degree in the field of Communities of Practice - CoP, or, in other words, the dynamics of Java Users Groups, he is a researcher interested in the process of the community that learns by itself, and doing now a Doctorate in Information Architecture field.

For more than thirteen years he has been writing a newsletter for the Java community and, since the beginning, started, a free service for job recruitment. Offered by different organizations around the country, this job service is today a big success with hundreds of developers recruited in Brazil. For Daniel, this volunteer/social work gave him an exclusive overall vision of the necessities of employment opportunities in that part of the world. He is responsible for JEDI - Java Educational & Development Initiative for the seven Portuguese spoken countries in the world, a complete free Java Systems Engineer program attended for more than 20,400 students.



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