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Budi Kurniawan

Budi Kurniawan is a senior J2EE architect. He is the author of "How Tomcat Works: A Guide to Developing Your Own Servlet Container" and "Struts Design and Programming: A Tutorial".



We present two chapters from Budi Kurniawan's book, How Tomcat Works. These excerpts include an explanation of the workings of Lifecycle and Container.
In part two of his series on JSP Tag Files, Budi Kurniawan continues his coverage of this hassle-reducing technology. This week he looks at variables, jsp:doBody, jsp:invoke, and how to package your tag files in a jar file.
Tag Files in JSP 2.0 make creating custom tags much easier, automating away previous annoyances like manually compiling and writing descriptors. Budi Kurniawan offers an introduction to creating and using tag files.
Accessing data in a database or other data sources is an important task in Web programming. This article shows how you can do the most common database manipulations from servlets and JSP pages. This article begins with an introduction to JDBC followed by some examples of servlets that allow you to...


Both Tomcat and Struts are successful open source projects. The former is a world class servlet/JSP container, the latter a very popular framework for building Model 2 Web applications. And, lots...